Acting Mangenius

Eric Mangini had a cameo in last week’s episode of the Sopranos. Playing himself, the Jets coach had no lines but was shown being introduced to Tony Soprano at a restaurant. Let’s hope for the sake of his reputation, Mangini gave Tony the Belichick brush-off.

The ice man cometh

Houston Astros first baseman Lance Berkman has been suspended two games and fined for returning to the field after being ejected in Tuesday’s game with the Colorado Rockies. Berkman was booted from the game for arguing a checked -swing call, then came back on the field out of uniform and with an ice pack on his back during a bench-clearing incident an inning later. If he were thinking fast, Berkman could have dumped the ice down other players’ jerseys, then claimed to the commissioner’s office that he was just trying to cool everyone off.

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