ESPN announced it has purchased a British publishing company’s cricket Web site, Now prepare to be inundated with cricket scores, highlights and features on SportsCenter, whether you give a damn or not.

Dog bites Borg

Bjorn Borg was severely bitten in the leg by a German shepherd while trying to stop a dogfight and withdrew from his first grass-court match in 26 years. This has to be tied in to Michael Vick somehow, doesn’t it?

If a home run is hit, and no one is there to blog it…

A reporter was ejected from an NCAA tournament baseball game in Louisville for submitting live Internet updates during the game. The lawyer for the Louisville newspaper, Jon L. Fleischaker, said, “Once a player hits a home run, that’s a fact. It’s on TV. Everybody sees it. (The NCAA) can’t copyright that fact.” I don’t think Mr. Fleischaker understands that the NCAA doesn’t bother with facts or reason.

Taser a Blazer instead

Nuggets reserve forward DerMarr Johnson was charged with resisting arrest and interfering with police during a disturbance outside a nightclub. Police said they used a taser to calm the 6-foot-9 player.

“He apparently would not cooperate,” police Lt. Randy Corbitt said.

Corbitt went on to say that Johnson appeared to be tall and evidently was incapacitated after being zapped with high voltage.

Teflon Dan

A neighbor of the Dan Duquette Sports Academy tried unsuccessfully to annul a special permit that allowed the former Red Sox general manager to have his New England College Baseball League play its games at his sports camp in Hindale, Mass. The Duke is unbeatable in these legal battles. Ten years ago, about 17 million Red Sox fans tried in vain to have his signings of Steve Avery and Wil Cordero.

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