Six months ago, we were thrilled and charmed by a wonderful, innocent movie based upon a Cinderella-type story set in France, shown on a cable family channel.

Drew Barrymore played the role of Cinderella. It brought tears to our eyes. At the end, after she had been abused by her stepmother and stepsisters (with many thrills and chills), she won the heart of the prince and became the future queen of France.

Six months later, the same Barrymore was on that same channel as an abused high school girl who makes it in the business world. The title of this supposedly innocent film is “Never Been Kissed.” The movie was shown on a Saturday night during prime time, a time when many parents could have been out, leaving behind a baby sitter with their children, who could have easily watched this lewd movie.

Parents have an important lesson to learn from such a movie – they must make sure they know what their children are watching, even on a family channel. And they shouldn’t be afraid to change the channel, and order the baby sitter to do the same.

Charles and Diane Doyon, Lewiston

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