NORWAY – Annual Town Meeting voters will meet Monday night to deliberate a 42-article warrant that, if approved, will raise property taxes between .67 percent and 1.36 percent.

Town Meeting gets under way at 7 p.m. in the Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School Forum to act on articles 3 through 44. Voters disposed of the first two articles Tuesday night when they elected their town officials, including new Selectmen Bruce Cook and Irene Millett, and approved SAD 17’s $35.4 million budget.

Selectmen are seeking approval of a $6.9 million town operating budget, while the Budget Committee will recommend about $35,000 less in appropriations.

Town Manager David Holt said that if the school budget and all the articles on the Town Meeting warrant are approved, the amount raised from property taxes will be between .67 percent and 1.36 percent depending on whether voters approve the selectmen’s or Budget Committee’s recommendation, that are slightly lower than the selectmens.

“Norway’s assessment for SAD 17 is up 2.37 percent and 4.6 percent for Oxford County,” said Holt of the two school and county assessments. “The amount for the town would dip slightly with the Budget Committee, 1.62 percent and decrease less with the selectboard (zero percent or $2,684.) Revenues are up slightly.”

Holt said that regardless of the scenario voters approve, the assessor will be forced to increase the valuation on some properties. He said this is almost always the case each year. “This means that some taxpayers will see an increase, others a slight decrease and some see very little change,” he explained.

Voters have an array of routine articles to approve and some new ones, including a request to implement an outdoor festival ordinance.

If the ordinance, which had a public hearing last week, is approved, selectmen will regulate outdoor festivals having more than 250 people present.

Voters will also be asked to spend $12,500 to restore and upgrade the town clock on top of the Norway Opera House. Voters will be asked to spend $27,500 or $17,500, recommended by the selectmen and Budget Committee respectively, to renovate the Little Red School House by Pennesseewassee Lake on Route 118. Money for both projects would be taken from the $54,000 interest earned on the Fred and Laura Sanborn Trust Fund.

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