Fair trade?

Kobe Bryant flew all the way to Spain to tell Lakers owner Jerry Buss he still wants to be traded. His agent confirmed on Friday the superstar wants to be moved. There is no confirmation, but rumor has it that Buss is looking into trading Bryant for David Beckham. Supposedly, Bryant has some mad soccer skills.

One more . . .

You have to feel bad for Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington. The dog-and-pony show that has become Sammy Sosa’s quest for 600 home runs has kept younger guys out of the lineup. Question is: Why does any pitcher give him anything to hit, considering he’ll swing at anything.

Throwdown at Wrigley

Finally, a real fight. Derrek Lee vs. Chris Young was exciting and a few punches were landed. Somehow, I expected Cubs catcher Marty Barrett to hit Lee instead of Young.

How bad was it?

Former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Trent Green signed a deal worth $10 million less to become a Miami Dolphin. Geez, how bad was it to play for Herman Edwards?

How bad was it? Part II

Scott Spiezio tossed an inning of scoreless relief for the Cardinals on Friday night, leaving the A’s a bit embarassed. But, man, what does it say about the World Champs pitching staff? Sign me up!

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