I have sent a dozen letters and e-mails to the city of Lewiston about the CMMC/Dunkin’ Donuts crosswalk since back when John Jenkins began his first term as mayor of Lewiston.

A father, pushing children in a stroller, is stranded, waiting for someone to obey the law so he can get off the small island. A woman running toward CMMC is beat through the crosswalk by a driver with no intention to stop, while a stopped truck tries to block the car from striking her. A nurse is forced to jump back as one car stops but another passes on the right and off into the distance. A parade of cars and trucks pass by as pedestrians wait for a courteous driver to create a safe path to the other side.

People driving twice the 25 mph limit are bad enough. Those afoot are on their own, as drivers are too inconvenienced to stop.

City officials say there have been no injuries there, but some at CMMC disagree. Recently there was a three-car accident with mild injuries as a result of two stopped cars and a third bumping the second into the first, with the lead car leaving the scene.

The police have a city to serve, with no one road more important than another, but city officials need to address public safety and the hazards created at that site.

I suggest the use of a pedestrian-activated red light and cameras to catch the license numbers of offenders.

Larry W. Mayes, Lewiston

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