As a senior citizen who has used both the picnic tables for lunch and the restrooms for comfort, I would truly hate to see the picnic area in Norway by Pennesseewassee Lake closed.

Whether I am with my grandchildren on a day outing, or a day of visits to doctors, bill paying and such, my car heads for that area like the proverbial homing pigeon. The area is always neat, clean and quiet – what us senior citizens need and appreciate. Whether I brown-bag it or pick up a lunch, the picnic area affords me a nice place to eat, rest, relax and charge my human battery for the drive home.

I have noticed lots of folks filling jugs of that good spring water – another service greatly appreciated by many.

A lot of older people cannot afford fancy restaurants, and that picnic area is our special place. I am hoping that state officials do not take that away from us.

Bertha DeHaas, West Paris

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