Gee, I wish that the city of Lewiston would lend me $650,000 to run my business. Especially if I would never have to pay it back. When my business gets into financial trouble, I have to go to the bank and plead for more money to continue working. Of course I don’t have the deep pockets of the taxpayers to bail me out.

My point is that maybe our officials in this city, whether hired or elected, will take more time to evaluate situations involving property. The city of Lewiston should not be involved in real estate as it is not good at it. Before the Colisee was purchased, the city spent a ton of money on the Bates Mill project.

How much more will taxpayers have to endure?

How many more stupid ideas (i.e., the rain tax) will be needed to fund these projects? I say enough is enough.

Larry Grondin, Sabattus

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