AUBURN – A routine traffic stop late Saturday night led to the arrest of three juveniles out for a joyride in a car stolen from Rowe Auburn on Center Street, police said

According to police Lt. Tim Cougle, the three, who ranged in age between 13 and 14, broke into the wholesale division of Rowe Auburn earlier in the night and stole the keys to a car on the lot.

They attached plates from another vehicle in the used-car lot and took off, Cougle said.

At 11:50 p.m., officer Matt Elie pulled the vehicle over for speeding on South Main Street.

“They were cooperative and pulled right over,” Cougle said. “Officer Elie realized that the plates did not match the vehicle and determined that the car was stolen.”

The three juveniles were arrested and taken to the Long Creek Youth Center in South Portland.

According to Cougle, the vehicle wasn’t damaged during the joyride and was returned to the car lot early Sunday morning.