WEST PARIS – The West Paris Library will offer summer reading programs for toddlers, elementary school children and middle school students.

A Saturday reading program for toddlers will begin on July 7 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. There will be an interactive story, song and activities time. The program is designed to entertain and help youngsters develop listening, thinking and vocabulary skills. Staff requests that an adult stay with their child during the program, which will continue through Aug. 25 (except for Aug. 4).

“Everyday Mysteries: Solved!” is an educational reading program for children attending elementary school. By reading age-appropriate books, children will gain admission to five weeks of free presentations from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Monday or Wednesday.

“How Do Computers Do It?” will be the question tackled by William Makley, UMF computer science major, on Wednesday, July 11. A computer will be taken apart, and children will make their own computer-enhanced portrait.

“How Are Forest Fires Extinguished?” will be demystified by Emily Beers, U.S. forest ranger from the Evans Notch station in Bethel. Beers is a wild land firefighter and she will share her experiences and knowledge and will bring firefighting clothing and equipment on Wednesday, July 18.

“Where Does Chocolate Come From?” will surprise some children, and boxes of chocolate will be made by the children to take home on Monday, July 23, or Wednesday, July 25.

“How Does a Piano Make Music?” will take place at the historical society across the street from the library. Mel Fletcher, piano tuner and repairman, will give the “inside story” on pianos. Children will have an opportunity to make music on Monday, July 30.

“What Makes a Race Car Go and Much More!” is the wrap-up event on Monday, Aug. 6. Bill Coolidge of Bill’s Automotive at Trap Corner,will arrive at the library parking lot in one of his family’s race cars.

He will explain what makes a car go and show trophies he and his son and daughter have won racing. For years Coolidge has built race cars and been part of the support crew at the races. Now he himself is racing and children will be able to watch a video of him driving during a race.

Young people going into grades seven, eight and nine are invited to sign up for “YNK: you never know what you will find at your library!” Young adults will read books, take on-line quizzes about the books and earn points to win prizes, such as a pizza coupon, a bungee watch, a chance to win the new Harry Potter book and gift certificates. Evening programs will begin on Friday, July 20, at the South Paris library (mystery game night) and Thursday, Aug. 9, at the Norway Library (mystery wrap up night).

For more information, call the West Paris Library at 674-2004.