FIRST, Pace, 1,600

1. Promises Promises, G. Barrieau

2. X’Pletive, J. Bartlett

3. Sienna Sand, H. Campbell

4. Select Artiste, W. MacDonald

5. Chic Flow, J. Mosher

6. G M Viking Doll, G. Bowden

SECOND, Pace, 1,650

1. Bruizers Lil Star, D. Dickison

2. Teflon Tim, G. Hall

3. It’s Nukie Time, G. Bowden

4. Ghost Of A Chance, J. Bartlett

5. Giuseppi Verdi, C. MacKenzie

6. Mattlanta Brave, H. Campbell

7. Jeremiah Jones, W. Brown

8. Island Xceptional, O. Davies

THIRD, Pace, 1,600

1. Action Raider, G. Bowden

2. Grandpa’s Choice, H. Campbell

3. Poocham Magee, C. MacKenzie

4. Tricky Wind, S. Mahar

5. Running Home N, R. Dinning

6. Wynfield Chad, J. Mosher

7. Allraes Valentine, J. Bartlett

8. Broadmoor, G. Barrieau

FOURTH, Pace, 2,000

1. Bunnys No Angel, (to be announced)

2. Tfarm Zen Fella, R. Blanchard

3. Tracys Lil Darlin, (to be announced)

4. Hana Blue Chip, M. Downey

5. Life Statuesque, J. Bartlett

6. Spiz R Rinkum, C. MacKenzie

7. No Shoes, S. Mahar

8. Logan’s Lightning, J. Mosher

FIFTH, Trot, 1,800

1. Classic Andy, G. Barrieau

2. Striking Special, R. Dinning

3. Best Way, J. Bartlett

4. Rompaway Yasmine, G. Bowden

5. Hanbro Jay, J. Mosher

6. Pembroke Marvel, H. Campbell

SIXTH, Pace, 2,000

1. Dusty Lane Buster, G. Bowden

2. Miko Hanover, S. MacKenzie

3. P J’s Wager, G. Barrieau

4. Jigtime Silencer, S. Mahar

5. Cartel Hanover, J. Bartlett

6. No Apology, M. Downey

7. Gizcando, H. Campbell

8. Woodmere Quikroute, W. Brown

SEVENTH, Pace, 2,500

1. Point Well Taken, G. Bowden

2. Everythings Ok N, J. Bartlett

3. Mondo Hanover, H. Campbell

4. Patrician, S. Mahar

5. Benedict Hanover, D. Dickison

6. Pembroke White Out, G. Barrieau

7. Kick The Mark, J. Mosher

EIGHTH, Pace, 2,750

1. Miss Maya, O. Davies

2. Lady Waterford, J. Bartlett

3. Free Stone Lexy, H. Campbell

4. St Lads Magic, J. Mosher

5. Lets Hurry On, G. Bowden

6. Fairytale Princess, R. Cloutier Jr.

7. Baby Of Blue Moon, S. Mahar

8. Good Luck Chip, C. MacKenzie

NINTH, Pace, 1,650

1. Symbolic Gesture, S. Mahar

2. Myboyblake, E. McLellan

3. Daylon Fantasy, S. Thayer

4. Electric Charlie, M. Downey

5. Star Follower, O. Davies

6. Ten Karat Dragon, H. Campbell

7. sunrise J D, G. Barrieau

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