It is troubling that, week after week, the Sun Journal chooses to print one perspective on the tragic conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians: the unapologetic “Israel can do no wrong” view of Cal Thomas.

This so-called Christian endorses torture and ethnic cleansing as “solutions” to the problem of terror.

The conflict is complex and the blame does not lie with one side alone. The ongoing occupation and settlement of the West Bank by Israeli colonists, targeted assassinations, the construction of the wall on Palestinian land, checkpoint humiliations, the construction of roads open only to Israelis, and the siege of Gaza do nothing to promote peace.

According to information I found easily on the Web, since 2000, 118 Israeli children and 946 Palestinian children have died in the conflict. Some 4,170 Palestinian homes have been demolished (collective punishment in violation of international law). Israel has built 223 Jewish-only settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Palestinians hold one Israeli prisoner, the soldier Gilad Shalit. Israel holds 10,756 Palestinian prisoners, including children.

Human Rights Watch recently condemned actions of both sides in this conflict.

I encourage the Sun Journal to expose readers to other views.

Diana Cundy, Paris