LIVERMORE FALLS – New Norlands Grange met at the hall on June 27 with seven members present. Guests were Deputy Wesley Ryder and Junior Deputy Glenys Ryder of Auburn.

Members voted to take part in the Apple Pumpkin Festival on Sept. 29, with proceeds to go to the Livermore Elementary School.

Officers for the new year were elected as follows: master, Robert Jones; overseer, Celeste Flagg; lecturer, Emily Pike; steward, Ronald Jones; assistant steward, Raymond Hedges; lady assistant steward, Cyneretta Ward; chaplain, Priscilla Beedy; treasurer, Frances Beery; secretary, Linda Deane; Gatekeeper, Adam Michael Flagg; Ceres, Arline Jones; Pomona, Lorraine Chretien; Flora, Esther Watson; executive committee for three years, Davis Clark; musician, Noella Mercier.

A literary program followed.