More Maine marvels from the archives:

But does he do slippers? Rex the collie caught a newspaper thrown to him from a moving train on the Maine Central Railroad and brought it to his owner, Ernest Buffam of Leeds, every day for 11 years. (Published 11/9/1962)

Gift tags had to be awkward: Mrs. Nicholas Comeau of Lewiston had 11 sons named Joseph and four daughters named Mary. (Published 8/11/1964)

Man’s best friend: Gov. Percival Baxter ordered the state’s flags flown at half-staff when his Irish setter died. (Published 10/13/1995)

Holy block party: Three houses in a row in Fryeburg were lived in by the Pray, Day and Night families. (Published 6/10/1963)

Love bandit: Despondent over a relationship, Joseph “Handkerchief” Moody of York covered his face with a black handkerchief for 32 years. (Published 4/9/1946)

Nice shot: Eight-year-old Richard Topham of Sanford fired an arrow into the air and, on its return to Earth, the arrow stabbed a pickerel in water nearby. (Published 12/4/1946)

What about apples? Every single day for 40 years, Dr. Edwards Abbott of Bridgton ate beans and johnnycake. (Published 4/22/1941)

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