PORTLAND (AP) – A fisherman from Harpswell was rescued Saturday by another fisherman shortly after his boat sank 12 miles east of Kennebunkport, the Coast Guard said.

Bruce Dyer, who was alone aboard the 36-foot Morgan Leigh, was reported in good condition when he was picked up by the captain of the other boat, the Unreal.

The cause of the sinking was under investigation.

The Coast Guard received a distress signal at 9:04 a.m. from an emergency locating radio beacon registered to the Morgan Leigh. Dyer was rescued about 20 minutes later.

“When things go wrong at sea, the closest boat is usually another fishing boat,” said Coast Guard Petty Officer First Class Robert Duncan. “Fishermen who assist other mariners out on the water are the real heroes – we really appreciate the life-saving action of the crew of the Unreal.”

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