• Under Tina’s Law, it takes either three major convictions in five years for offenses like vehicular homicide, operating without a license or eluding an officer, or 10 moving violation convictions in five years to be classified a habitual offender.

After three years, drivers can petition to get their license back.

• Convictions in other states count.

Don Cookson, spokesman for the Secretary of State’s Office, said 47 states, including Maine, belong to the Driver License Compact and are supposed to share information.

“I can’t say that the system is without some occasional glitch,” he said.

• Moving to another state generally won’t get your license back sooner.

States can check the Problem Driver Pointer System when someone new applies for a license and see if they have convictions and records in other states, Cookson said.

• Need to check your own driving record?

Get three years of information for $7 or 10 years of information for $12 by logging onto informe.org/bmv/drc or get three years of information for $5 and 10 years for $10 by mailing a request to:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Driver License Services Division

29 State House Station

Augusta, Maine 04333-0029