District: Farmington and Industry

Legislative service: Third term

Committees: Appropriations and Judiciary

Bill record: 33 bills, 12 signed, two were carried over, 19 died

Voting record

Budget: For

Tax reform: For

Bear trapping ban: Against

Washington County slots at a tribal horse track: Against

Stiffer seat belt law: For

Increase term limits from 4 two-year terms to 6: Against

Janet Mills submitted the most bills this session of any legislator from the tri-county area.

Of her 33 bills, nine were signed and two were carried over.

She said one of her major focuses this session was helping small hospitals such as Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington. Toward that goal, two of her bills aimed at helping hospitals get MaineCare reimbursements from the Department of Health and Human Services, and one aimed at preventing duplication in medical facilities certification by exempting a facility from DHHS inspections if it is certified to participate in the federal MaineCare program.

She also successfully submitted: a resolve requiring the Maine State Housing Authority to study ways to help homeless veterans, a bill raising the minimum insurance coverage for medical payments in automobile liability insurance from $1,000 to $2,000, and a bill stepping up the attorney general’s authority to collect debts, fines and other penalties owed to the state.

Mills is a member of the Appropriations Committee, which was charged with the task of negotiating the budget and a bonds package. She served on a subcommittee to address prison overcrowding, which recommended sending state prisoners to empty beds in county jails to free up some space.