District: Casco, Naples and part of Poland

Legislative service: Second term

Committees: Transportation

Bill record: 19 bills submitted, 1 signed, 1 carried over, 17 dead

Voting record

Budget: For

Tax reform: Against

Bear trapping ban: Against

Washington County slots at a tribal horse track: Against

Stiffer seat belt law: Against

Increase term limits from 4 two-year terms to 6: Against

On Richard Cebra’s campaign Web site he called for reform, embracing the Republican value of smaller government.

Several bills he submitted reflected this, such as a bill to impose limits on the growth of state government. The bill failed, with votes falling down party lines, but “just because things don’t pass doesn’t mean they’re not a big issue,” Cebra said.

One of Cebra’s bills passed: an act providing a stronger defense in civil liability lawsuits for homeowners being sued by someone who entered their home illegally.

Two of his bills were killed but later combined with others. Also important were the bills he cosponsored, he said, such as a bill to aid road repair through increased fees, something he advocated for in his role as a member of the Transportation Committee. The bill passed by a wide margin in the House and a narrow margin in the Senate.

He sponsored another contentious bill, which ultimately failed, to create a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years for sex offenders whose victims are younger than 12. While it didn’t pass, Cebra said, “We need to discuss it to make sure we’re on top of it.”

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