More on early “TV movies”: Mentioned previously were 1950s film “spinoffs” of TV sitcoms, with the same cast. Brian Templeton of Des Moines, Wash., found some films based on radio series that predated their TV debut. They include “My Friend Irma,” “Here Come the Nelsons” (before “Ozzie and Harriet”), and “Life of Riley.” More on the subject in future columns.

In a press conference after the first manned Gemini flight, the five-hour Gemini III in 1965, astronaut John Young admitted that he had smuggled aboard the spacecraft a:

A) Corned beef sandwich

B) Mouse

C) Baseball

D) Kazoo

Monday’s answer: The “Maggio” in the name of baseball Hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio is the Italian word for the month of May.