New Gloucester Board of Selectmen

Met: Monday

Fire Station design

Issue: After three years of meetings, the Fire Station Committee’s unanimous recommendation to select Smith Reuter Lull Architects, Taylor Engineering, H.E. Callahan Construction and Bennett Engineering was tabled because two selectmen objected to the elimination of the the low bidder, whose plan was deemed incomplete.

Scoop: Efforts by Selectmen Steve Libby and Lenora Conger to have the selection committee bring Bunker and Savage Architects with Zachau Construction for further negotiations failed by two motions by a 2-1 vote.

Up next: The decision to choose the final build/design team was tabled until the board meets next. Only three members were present of the five member board.

Land lease

Issue: The Historical Society requested a land lease from selectmen to build a storage building on a town owned lot below Brady’s Store at Lower Gloucester to store artifacts.

Up next: The board unanimously approved drawing up a long-term lease with the Historical Society, which will be responsible for permits, fundraising and maintenance of the building.

Job description

Issue: The job description for the town planner and a planning assistant was tabled for further information and clarification.

Up next: Planner Rebeccah Shaffner, who has been on the job for two months, will define tasks that the planner and the planning assistant will do.