FARMINGTON – Bailey and four other beagles were found at the Franklin County Animal Shelter recently. They were in two crates by the mailbox; one crate had two dogs the other had three.

The dogs were scared and skinny. Three tested positive for Lyme disease, for which they are being treated, and four are still looking for their forever homes, staff said.

One dog has already been adopted, and the owners reported it was a new experience for them and the dog. It seemed the dog had never been in a home and was experiencing everything for the first time. The owners said it was amazing to teach the dog about stairs, carpets and furniture.

Anyone who would like to teach Bailey all those things can visit the shelter or call 778-2638.

New dogs at the shelter include a Chihuahua mix found in Farmington.

The shelter is in need of donations such as canned cat food, kitten chow, cat chow, paper towels, bleach and cat litter.