Renee Blanchet, left, executive director of the Franklin County Children’s Task Force, is pictured with Becky Davis-Allan, Bangor Savings Bank assistant vice president and branch manager.

Task force receives foundation grant

FARMINGTON – The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation board of directors recently awarded the Franklin County Children’s Task Force a grant of $2,500. The gift will help to expand the Growing Healthy Families Programs fulfill the needs of adolescent parents who seek to enter the workforce for the first time.

The foundation’s goals are focused in areas of workforce education levels and youth retention, growing the creative economy and supporting micro-enterprise and entrepreneurship, as well as initiatives supporting arts and culture, social and civic, education and health and wellness.

The Growing Healthy Families Program is a partnership with Franklin Memorial Hospital’s child and maternal health program that provides parental support, development information and resources for first-time parents who deliver at Franklin Memorial Hospital and live in Franklin County.

Anyone wishing more information on Growing Healthy Families or other services offered by the Franklin County Children’s Task Force should call 778-6960.