BROOKSVILLE (AP) – A small-town garage made famous in a Robert McCloskey children’s book has closed its doors after more than 80 years in business.

Condon’s Garage was immortalized in McCloskey’s award-winning book, “One Morning in Maine,” published in 1952. It was the place where Dick Condon pumped gas and worked on small engines and people gathered to talk about the weather and the goings-on about town.

The garage became a landmark in the village of South Brooksville, which McCloskey fans have come to see in person.

“Over the years, we’d get probably 10 or 20 people a year coming in and wanting somebody to sign their book,” said Donald Condon, who shut down the garage in May and moved the business to his home a few miles away.

Condon and his cousin, Phil, the son of Dick Condon in the book, had been running the garage in recent years. Condon said his cousin was getting out of the business, so he decided to shut the garage and move it to his house.

At some point, Condon said he probably will put the building up for sale.