Within a few days Lewiston people will be able to travel by trolley from the home city to Boston and even New York. The missing link has been between Kennebunk and York, a distance of about eighteen miles, but already the cars have been running from York to Ogunquit for a week, and the entire line is complete with the exemption of about two miles. Here the only unfinished work is the stringing of a few wires. A pleasanter trip than from Lewiston to Portsmouth, N.H., and even beyond cannot well be imagined.

50 years ago, 1957

• Leatherbee & Co. of Boston, a real estate concern, has purchased the four-story, brick Twin Cities Realty Co. building in downtown Lewiston for a price in excess of $200,000. Twin Cities Motor Co., which presently occupies considerable space in the building, plans to relocate in another part of the city. The building has frontage on Park, Oak and Middle streets and was purchased by Twin Cities Realty Co. in 1945.

• If you are a member of Congress, and you wanted to compliment a colleague by saying, “You are exactly right,” you could be called down for being out of order. Parliamentary speaking, “you” is a naughty word. In the House, proper talk calls for “the gentleman from Wyoming” or “the gentleman from Alabama.”

25 years ago, 1982

• The week’s 10 highest-rated programs: “M-A-S-H,” and “60 Minutes,” both CBS; “Fantasy Island,” ABC; “Alice” and “The Jeffersons,” both CBS; “Hart to Hart,”ABC; “Too Close for Comfort,” ABC; “Hill Street Blues,” NBC; “Three’s Company,” ABC; and “House Calls,” CBS.

• What’s a patootie and where’s another place to serve porridge? The answers are in the latest installment of the “Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary,” advancing the 20th century lexicon from the words O to Scythism. Definitions of these and 18,747 other words – as well as descriptions of their first use in print – were published Thursday in the hefty new dictionary from Oxford University Press, arbiter of the meaning and history of the English language.