The plan was to increase the troop strength in Iraq (the surge) and clean out the insurgents while the Iraqi government strengthened itself. The troop buildup was completed less than a month ago and required some time for orientation and organization. They have now begun their mission and their initial actions have been very successful. The plan was to have a full report by General David Petraeus in mid-September.

Recently an interim report was given on how the operation was progressing. It was not glowing, but showed initial progress. The anti-war gang, mainly Democrats, used this to mount another “cut-and-run” campaign in Congress. It makes them appear to relish a U.S. failure in Iraq which suits their political purposes. It appears that the welfare of the Democrat party is more important than that of the American people.

It seems that success in Iraq will help the Republicans and failure will help the Democrats.

Is a U.S. failure an appropriate goal for a group of loyal Americans? If they don’t believe that failure in Iraq will bring the terror to our shores, how do they explain why 9/11 occurred and the score of other unprovoked attacks since the 1970s?

If we don’t prevail in Iraq, the terrorists will not discriminate in choosing their victims here. The Democrats will be tortured beheaded and killed with the rest of us.

Think about it.

Thomas F. Shields, Auburn

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