Sensible shoes

Kevin Durant has signed a $60 million endorsement contract with Nike. This opens the door for the only player selected ahead of Durant in the NBA Draft, 19-going-on-65 Greg Oden, to throw his name behind Foot-Joy’s orthopedic line.

Delusions of grandeur

Stephon Marbury says he will look to play in Italy after his contract with the New York Knicks expires in two years. “It’s a David Beckham thing,” Marbury said. Yeah, the only differences being that you play in the third most-popular team sport in America, and that the country you’re planning to adopt doesn’t worship at the altar of celebrity. Other than that, Starbury, you and Becks might as well be twins.

He stayed up all night studying for the urine test, too

Tour de France rider Patrik Sinkewitz testes positive for elevated testosterone levels a month before the race. Shocking. What’s next? A former child star busted for smoking weed?

Red corner

China’s official sports association has publicly criticized Yao Ming for arriving late to national team training in order to recover from the NBA season. “No matter how sweet personal life is, it can’t be compared to the exultation of capturing glory for one’s nation,” the statement read. Hmm, and you wonder why the best foreign athletes trip over one another to come to America.

If we ignored him, he might go away

Gary Sheffield was fined for calling Major League Baseball’s umpires “corrupt.” Last week, he accused Yankees manager Joe Torre of racism. Ever notice how nobody is ever quoted criticizing Gary Sheffield, even though he’s an easier target than a Maine moose in October? It’s called class, Sheff. Look into it.

Your results may vary

Former Patriots offensive coordinator and Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis has taken the stand in the retrial of a malpractice suit related to his 2002 gastric bypass surgery. Makes you wonder how litigious Weis would be had the procedure actually worked.

C’mon, get happy

All-Pro offensive lineman Alan Faneca will report to Pittsburgh Steelers training camp on time despite ongoing displeasure with his contract status. Having sustained every injury this side of a broken heart last season, QB Ben Roethlisberger must be thrilled that his No. 1 bodyguard is perpetually PO’d.

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