CLEVELAND – When catastrophe felled the plumbing at Cleveland Browns Stadium last Saturday, Stacey Hofacker’s fun night out went down the drain.

Hofacker had to go. And with several women’s bathrooms closed, she and a friend ventured into a men’s bathroom, where a handful of other women also went looking for relief.

When she was done, she still had to go, said Cleveland police Sgt. Michael Butler, who booted her from the Kenny Chesney concert after slapping her with a disorderly conduct ticket that carries a $175 fine.

The ticket says Hofacker refused his order to clear out of the bathroom. She said she was in a stall, door closed, and never heard such an order.

“I was like, “I’m in the middle of Cleveland. I didn’t drive here!’ ” said the 28-year-old Orrville, Ohio, resident.

Once outside, Hofacker borrowed a cell phone and called her friend, Angie North, inside the concert. She met her at the front gate with her purse and cell phone. Then Hofacker talked her way back into the stadium after showing workers her ticket.

“And by then I saw a bunch of security officers and police helping women to get into the men’s bathroom,” she said. “And I got a $175 ticket.”

Lt. Thomas Stacho, the Cleveland police spokesman, washed his hands of the issue, saying officers at concerts are off duty and on private security detail. Browns spokesman Bill Bonsiewicz said no one was cited simply for using a men’s restroom, particularly on a night like that.

Hofacker must appear in Cleveland Municipal Court July 27, where she’s hoping a judge will decide to flush the ticket.