Nadia Tag, 10, of Lewiston reacts to the ink on her fingers after getting fingerprinted by Lewiston Police Officer Matthew Vierling for a child identification card provided by Shaw’s in front of the supermarket in Lewiston on Friday morning.

“It’s very important for parents to put the child identification card in a safe place because then they have fingerprints, a DNA sample and a current photo,” Lewiston police Detective Bernard Stone said, “especially if a child goes missing, then we have a way to positively identify the child and return him or her to their family.”

Shaw’s was also raising money for the Maine Children’s Cancer Program through sales of hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and soda.

The fingerprints of Nora Tag, 3, of Lewiston are recorded in the pages of a child identification card. These cards, which include a hair sample, dental records and other important information, have been successfully used across the country to identify and return children who were abducted.