Concerning Craig Saddlemire’s letter of July 23, I could not disagree more with his premise. Robert Macdonald’s letter June 17 hit the nail squarely.

In my opinion, a person who is not a citizen of this country should not sit on, or be a part of, any task force, committee, etc., that has the ability to influence decisions that would have a direct impact on my taxes or way of life. When aliens take the initiative to learn what it takes to become an American citizen, take the oath and are sworn in, then, and only then, should they be afforded the rights of participation extended to citizens of this country.

They come to get away from atrocities in their country, and I welcome them. Now, it is time to become a citizen.

They need to learn our country’s way of life and our language, as our ancestors did.

If someone wants to participate in the democratic process, let that person begin by taking the oath of citizenship. That is and must be the No.1 priority.

Alien is what they were when they arrived, it is what their status will remain until that oath is taken.

Paul Parquette, Lewiston

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