In her letter, July 21, Mary Karren-Landry focused on a dark chapter in the Catholic Church – the sexual abuse scandal. She asked that Catholics remember that abomination at collection time. While she made many valid points, I will not become myopic – forgetting the good deeds done by the greater majority of priests and nuns serving the public and their parishioners.

I will remember nuns, lead by Mother Teresa, administering to the truly poor in the hell-hole slums of Calcutta.

I will remember Father John Grenham. A parish priest in a dirt-poor county in Louisiana, he risked his life to bring many of his stranded parishioners to safety during Hurricane Katrina.

I will remember one of our regimental chaplains, Father Vincent Capadonno, who gave up the safety of Da Nang to administer to the dying and wounded on the battlefield. For his sacrifice, he was posthumously awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor for doing what he saw was his duty to his men.

I will remember the work done daily by our local priests, nuns and laypeople, bringing comfort to the sick, elderly and suffering of our city.

The action of a few has left a stain on all. However, an audit would show that the good done by those honorable religious people far exceeds the sins of the dishonorable.

Robert Macdonald, Lewiston