It’s been my pleasure to know Sen. Susan Collins for many years.

I’ve heard people lambaste her, calling her RINO (Republican in Name Only) and a turncoat. I’m amazed at what people say about her, without having any knowledge of who she is, or what she’s done for the citizens of Maine. She has displayed great character when faced with uncertain times and situations.

She has always put the needs of Maine’s people first.

While many in Washington and our country have become polarized, Sen. Collins has worked to bring a bipartisan spirit to Congress. No one is ever going to please everyone, but I have seen her work to near exhaustion to complete the job that we, the people of Maine, sent her to Washington to do.

The senator’s life is far from normal. Recently, she arrived early in Lisbon for the Moxie Day parade; then on to Lincolnville for an afternoon of public appearances; and finally back to Washington for several votes.

Did I mention that she has not missed one vote since joining the Senate?

An old proverb says one should never criticize another until a mile has been walked in their shoes. Those who would criticize ought to start walking.

As for me, I will do everything I can to get Sen. Collins re-elected. The citizens of Maine deserve the very best, and I believe that’s Sen. Collins.

Scott E. Kauffman, Sabattus

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