As a veteran, I feel that I must respond to Carolee Taylor’s letter, printed July 20.

First and foremost, Taylor should address her concerns to the cemetery involved. For example, St. Peter’s Cemetery requires that all flags must be removed from grave sites two weeks after Memorial Day or the flags will be destroyed in a proper manner.

Rather than have that happen, the flags, which are in excellent condition, are often given to veterans’ organizations, which continue to fly them until they are no longer serviceable and are honorably disposed of.

The Turner veterans used the flags to erect a healing field, and they did it with respect and dignity, and I thank them for caring so much for all who have served our country with honor.

I do agree that the flags should remain in place, however, the cemetery has the last say on the matter.

The flags that Taylor refers to were not “stolen” by anyone. They were used to continue a tribute to all veterans. I can understand why anyone would be upset about flag removal, however, one must have their facts together before making such absurd allegations.

Emmett Stuart, Auburn

Commander, American Legion Post 153

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