We’re responding to a letter published July 24, “An awareness of the law.”

The writer, Alison Dehetre, complained her son lost his driver’s license for multiple violations under “Tina’s Law.” Tina’s Law is designed to get dangerous drivers and habitual offenders off the road. The people of Maine overwhelmingly support it.

We were confused by one point in Ms. Dehetre’s letter. “Why, when I inquired, were legislators in Turner, Auburn and Poland unaware of Tina’s Law?” she wrote. “One of them signed it into action and knew nothing of the consequences.”

We represent the residents of Poland; we were never contacted by Ms. Dehetre. We take pride in our extensive communication with residents of our districts. Furthermore, it’s inconceivable any legislator who was in office during the last term could be “unaware” of Tina’s Law.

It was one of the major issues we dealt with. We all knew the consequences.

Ms. Dehetre should be most concerned about her son’s driving record. According to the Maine Secretary of State’s office, his record of violations fills more than three sheets of paper. He has multiple speeding violations, including criminal speeding. He also has violations for operating a defective vehicle, the unlawful use of a license, failure to provide proof of insurance, failure to pay fines, and much more.

Under Tina’s Law, you lose your license for three years if you have 10 or more violations in five years.

Ms. Dehetre’s son easily “qualified” as an habitual offender.

Rep. John Robinson, Raymond

Rep. Rich Cebra, Naples

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