Get off the Couch
Tim Couch signed a two-year contract worth a little over $1 million with the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday and will be competing for the third-string QB job. Is there any more cushy job in the world than third-string quarterback? It’s like being Dick Vitale’s hair-dresser. It’s better than that. Dick Vitale’s hair-dresser has to listen to Dick Vitale for the 11 strokes he or she has to brush his hair.

Justice 1, Money-grubbing lawyers 0
The family of late Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock finally came to its senses and dropped a wrongful-death lawsuit against Mike Shannon’s restaurant stemming from the player’s death in April. Hancock died after a St. Louis Cardinals home game in April when he crashed his sport utility vehicle into the back of a tow truck stopped on U.S. 40 in St. Louis. The lawsuit alleged that others shared responsibility for Josh Hancock’s death, including Mike Shannon’s restaurant, where the player drank earlier in the night; the restaurant’s manager; the tow truck driver; the tow truck company; and the driver of a disabled car on the highway whom the tow truck driver had stopped to assist.

And that’s your link
Police are searching for a link in two recent but separate Chicago-area holdups involving NBA players Eddy Curry and Antoine Walker. You want a link. I’ll give you a link. They’re both ridiculously soft (in Walker’s case, around the center) and overpaid big men.

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