X-Games Highlights

2 p.m., ESPN2

Be prepared for a bunch of “Holy *&#t” and “Dude, is he just dumb?” things running through your head. But, in a very cool way.

Classic MLB: Red Sox at Devil Rays

5 p.m., NESN

Fights. Carl Everett. Pedro Martinez. It was a beautiful thing.

Soccer: Middlesbrough at Manchester United

5 p.m., FSC

Foreign soccer is so much fun to watch. Have no idea who the players are, but I don’t really care.

World Combat League: Philadelphia at New England

6 p.m., Versus

WCL…NFL…basically the same premise. Except these guys don’t get pads and helmets. Ouch.

MLB: Red Sox at Angels

10 p.m., NESN

A playoff preview? Only if each team’s starting pitching can hold up.

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