In response to the letter by Dave Arthurs (Aug. 2), I believe my previous letter was misunderstood. I wasn’t condoning illegal immigration. My complaint was that the U.S. Senate isn’t acting on the issue.

I, too, believe that people shouldn’t be allowed to enter the country illegally.

The disagreement between myself and Arthurs seems to be on policy concerning undocumented immigrants already here. They should be given time to earn their citizenship (amnesty) by completing the tasks required of anyone else. That isn’t the correct policy because it’s a right, but because it makes sense. Returning millions of people to their country of origin is implausible and expensive. Think about it – tracking down millions of undocumented persons scattered throughout the country, finding their countries of origin (contrary to the media’s portrayal, not all are from Mexico and Cuba), transporting them, and paying everyone that works on this large scale operation.

Can you say “tax increase”? In addition, the loss of work force hurts the economy.

This is also a question of morals. What about children born here (thus, citizens) to undocumented immigrants? Do we allow their parents and young siblings to stay with them? I hope so.

Only a callous ogre could break up so many families.

What about seriously ill undocumented immigrants? Do we send them home to die?

In his response, Arthurs asked if I know the meaning of illegal. I do.

But, does he know the meaning of compassion?

Josh Gagne, Lewiston

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