On a recent Sunday afternoon, I went for a walk to enjoy the relief after three days of oppressive humidity. I came by Kennedy Park and was deeply moved by what I saw. On the basketball courts, about 50 youth and “twentysomethings” played intensely. The skateboard park was occupied by almost the same number of (mainly) boys who somehow glided and flew without crashing into each other.

Off Bates Street, the Assembly of God church held a worship service with 60 or so people gathered around. Elsewhere in the park, families picnicked, mothers gathered to watch their children play, and older men met just to talk. Children danced and played games. People at the Trinity Episcopal Church Jubilee Center cleaned up from one of the many meals they provide.

The park was vibrant with people; the elderly, robust athletes, people in motorized chairs, and toddlers; recent African immigrants, whites, Latinos, and African Americans; Evangelicals, Muslim, Catholics, and the religiously uninterested. This is Lewiston, the All-America city.

To those who work to create things like skateboard parks, basketball courts, ministries of care, playgrounds, and green space in the city, thank you! The park last Sunday was a snapshot of the good fruit this work produces.

William Cutler, Auburn

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