Darren McFadden didn’t even get the joy of letting the world know he is going to enter the NFL Draft, thanks to his mom. Mimi Muhammed (yes, that is her name) told the media that her son said that he was “done in December.” First, that shows little confidence that his Arkansas Razorbacks can make a post-Jan. 1 bowl, and second, it shows mom can’t keep her trap shut.

The North Siders

A Major League Baseball source says that the Chicago Cubs have claimed Scott Podsednik off waivers from the Chicago White Sox. Yep, that’s just what the Cubbies need, a washed-up outfielder. Isn’t Jacque Jones enough?


George Mitchell, who is leading an investigation into MLB’s steroid issues, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. While that in itself is not even remotely funny, why do I get a sinking feeling that Barry Bonds is going to get blamed for this?

Why do they care?

The Tennessee Titans are trying to block thug Pacman Jones from making an appearance with the wrestling circuit, TNA. First, who cares? Second, why does Tennesse care? And, third, will Pacman do it anyways? The law means nothing to him.

Fitting tribute

The field at Monster Park in San Francisco will be named after the late Bill Walsh, announced Mayor Gavin Newsom. The stadium will not change names, but Walsh was all about what happened on the field and wasn’t about having his name in lights.


Cleo Lemon and Trent Green seem to be in for a battle to start at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. So, I never figured it out, who wins? The lemon or the lime?

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