AUBURN – Peter Ashton and Neila Nelke are the 2007 Cub Champions at Martindale Country Club.

Ashton defeated Marc Kannegieser on the first hole of sudden death to claim the Men’s Club Championship. Nelke beat Pat Kordalski to win the Women’s crown. She shot an amazing 36 on the front 9, with 2 birdies.

Reggie Pratt captured the Men’s Flight A Championship last week, defeating Mike Belanger. Pratt shot a hole-in-one on #4, witnessed by many.

The Women’s A Flight matches are still being played.

Following is other news from Martindale:

Sunday’s Individual Points: Jeff Downing, +9; Mona Morin, +8; Joe Norton, +6; Maureen Mayo, +5; Chris Brann, +4; Dan Cailler, +3. Pins: #4, Mona Morin, 16′; #9, no winner; #11, Bob Driscoll, 10’4″; #17, Marc Vachon, 7′.

MSGA Seniors

Following are results from the MSGA Senior Tour tourney held August 9 at Wawenock GC:

GROSS: Dana Worster, 74; Stan Wade, 76; Mike St. Thomas, 77. Net: Bob Farthing, 92-62; Richard Levasseur, 85-66; Charlie Swett, 86-67 (MC).

BEST BALL: Gross: Jim Greer, Dana Worster, Mike St. Thomas, Barry Hobert, 67; Mark Friedman, Jack Milo, Ralph Noel, Paul Renaud, 69. Net: Bob Farthing, Greg McCormack, Darrell Smith, John Driscoll, 74-59; Terry Bowditch, Carlton Demmons, Charlie Swett, Chris Neagle, 74-60; Paul Young, Ned Gribbon, Peter Allen, Phil Allen, 72-62 (MC).

PINS: Barry Hobert, #3, 10’10”; Ned Gribbin, #8, 2’6″; Dave Dorion, #12, 1’4″; Jim Greer, #17, 5’7″.

SKINS: gross, Ron Reynolds, Mike St. Thomas, Mike McGuire, Paul Young; net, Barry Crawford.

Oakdale CC

MEXICO – August 12 Member Field Day: 1. Dan Mitchell, Don Prevost, Tim Chambers, Kathy Williamson, 63; 2. Jeff Mayo, Glenn Porter, Frank Diconzo, Mary Ann Todd, 64; 3. Rodney Daoust, Butch McKenna, Jamie Corriveau, Pam Kent, 65; 4. Greg Dawson, Fred Kent, Tim Labrecque, Jan McKenna, 65. Closest to the line, Joe Balducci.

Men’s Night, August 8, 2 net of 3 per hole: 1. Phil Hotham, Frank Diconzo, Joe Gorham, 60; 2. Andy Labrecque, Norm Derouche, Butch McKenna, 62. Closest to the line, Joe Gorham, 12″.

Ladies League, August 9, points: Jane Mickeriz , +3; Kathy Williamson and Shirley Fifield, +.5. Ones, Pam Lyons, 14; Gloria Breton, 15; chip-in, Marlene Viger, #17.

Men’s Night, August 8, team points all count: Chuck Welch, Jeff Mayo, Ray Bedard, +11; Joe Gorham, Mark Burton, Jon Martin, +9; Dan Mitchell, Carroll Noyes, Alan Patterson, +4. Most over quota, Chuck Welch, +8.

Fox Ridge

AUBURN – Member-Guest, August 12: Gross: Rocky Copp, Curt Jordan, Mike Fortin, John Debiase, 61; Dick Read, Jeanne Read, Jeff Read, Amy Read, 67; Jace Pearson, Roger Pearson, Tracy Cloutier, Steve Badger, 68 (MC). Net: Brian Cameron, Willie Cameron, Eric Peterlein, Brian Woods, 52; Dan Lecompte, Dick Lecompte, Louise Lecompte, Nancy Presby, 56 (MC); Charlie Swanson, Sam Packhill, Jim Matson, Rick Pokinghorn, 56 (MC).


POLAND – Marchesseault Heating Golf League, standings as of August 8: J. Lever-D. Lever, 171.5; Lesperance-Godin, 158; Tardif-Sawyer, 155.5; Marchesseault-Girardin, 143.5; Spencer-Jutras, 141; Jalbert-Dumont, 140; Letourneau-Lebrun, 139.5; Dodge-Rametta, 134.5; Williams-Marston, 128; Parker-Ayer, 122.5. Low gross, A, Tardif, Girardin, 40; B, Pete Godin, 46; net, Tardif, Jack Rametta, 34; B, Norm Parker, 33. Closest to the pin #9, second shot, Dan Lebrun, 9’7″.

Paris Hill

PARIS – Club champions were crowned during the weekend. Barbara Deschenes shot a blistering 73, 34 on the back 9, to claim the Women’s Championship. She beat Cathy LaMontagne who fired a 77. The first Senior Women’s Championship went to Jan Curtis with a net of 57.

MSGA tourney

Following are results from the Maine State Golf Association tourney held August 10-11 at Natanis GC:

CLASS A: Gross: Keegan Fennessey, 68; Mike Norris, 70; Eric Hayward, 71; Marc Siewertsen, 72; Joe Flowers, Jay Burrell, Matt Greenleaf, 73. Net: Bill Savage, 70-66; Brian Bilodeau, 73-66; Bob Blais, 75-67; Doug Craib, 74-67; Denny Siewertsen, 76-68; Matt Gallagher, 76-68; Dennis Junkins, 74-68 (MC).

CLASS B: Gross: David Hamilton, 74; Rusty Johnstone, 75; Mert Dearnley, 77; Mike Dimonaco, Brian Henderson, Zibby Puleio, 78; Brad Robinson, 79. Net: Mike Ryan, 75-62; Mike Cole, 81-66; Randy Ossinger, 78-66; Jason Bannister, 81-66; Steve Richards, 81-68; Jeff Chapman, 78-68; Dave Demers, 81-69 (MC).

CLASS C: Gross: Andy Bolduc, 84; Ken Luce, Mike Napolitano, Sr., 85; Tony Linkovitch, Reggie Gammon, 87; Ed Juhl, 88; Brian Currie, 88 (MC). Net: Jeff Keane, 92-66; Tim Sheehan, 86-67; Scott Bubier, 86-68; John Flemming, 91-68; Bill Gardiner, 90-68; Steve Sirois, 92-68; Ira McLain, 89-69 (MC).

SUPER SENIORS: Gross: Al Bouchard, 74; Dana Worster, 75; Ralph Noel, 77 (MC). Net: Carroll Noyes, 90-69; Roger Sanders, 92-69; Dick Hall, 92-70 (MC).

4-BALL: Gross: Marc Siewertsen, Denny Siewertsen, Ron Brown, Jr., Eric Hayward, 62; Mike Dimonaco, Mike Norris, Greg Black, Roy Leighton, 64; Bob Reynolds, Scott Bumford, Dave Hamilton, Pat Smith, 64; Chris Hamel, Joe Flowers, Eddie Scholz, Chuck Jankoski, 65. Net: Dick McCann, Rick McCann, Ken Luce, Cy Thompson, 70-54; Thad Millet, Chad Allen, Shawn Casey, Chris King, 64-55; Bill Gardiner, Roger Sanders, Todd Sanders, Joe Keller, 72-55; Zibby Puleio, Frank Libby, Jack Leclair, Ira McLain, 70-58; Reggie Gammon, Dave Marston, Wade Turdel, 73-58; Lee Spaulding, Jim Lucas, Jerry King, Bill Savage, 68-59 (MC).

SKINS: Friday: gross, Ray Mountain, Gary Fifield, Charles Swanson; net, Chip Larlee, Todd Sanders, Jack Leclair. Saturday: gross, Chris King, David Hamilton; net, Mike Grace, Jerry King, Jim Hatch.

PINS: Friday: Todd Sanders, #4, 3’6″; Frank Libby, #7, 10″; Raphael Barajas, #10, 4’8″; John Bauman, #13, 3’11”. Saturday: Roy Leighton, #4, 4’6″; Steve Richards, #7, 1’5″; Tom Caron, #10, 4’5″; Gren Hudson, #13, 11″.

Mixed Championship

LEEDS – Following are starting times for the MSGA Maine Mixed Championship to be held August 19 at Springbrook GC:

9 a.m., Jeff Dutil, Bernice Vadnais, Romeo Laberge, Laura Turney; 9:10, William Faucher, Catherine Faucher, Larry Wichroski, Pam Wichroski; 9:20, Terry Landry, Joann Ray, Norman Russell, Kim Peck; 9:30, Dennis Amell, Maureen Lano, James Collelo, Sandy Collelo; 9:40, Peter Bethanis, Sandra Bethanis, Andy Lano, Jennifer McNult; 9:50, Bob Barber, Kathi O’Grady, Bill Meggison, Micki Meggison.

10:00, Tom Bean, Wendy Bean, David Petersen, Wendy Wood; 10:10, Keith Patterson, Martha White, Steven Bouthot, Penny Cummings; 10:20, Frank DeFrancesco, Julie DeFrancesco, Randy Smith, Jean Smith; 10:30, Ron Gagnon, Laura Warner, Dennis Demmons, Jr., Darby Vigue; 10:40, Jim Dorrington, Kathy Stevens, Dave Harris, Martha Hermance; 10:50, Larry Ross, Jill Bernier, Gordon Smith, Leeson Smith.

11:00, Doug Self, Terry Karkos, Lowell Watson, Cindi Watson 11:10, Bill Brown, June Brown, Jack Williams, Christine Williams; 11:20, Gard Briggs, Ruth Briggs, David Labbe, Lorraine Caron; 11:30, Tom Tiner, Judy Corkum, Sid Cohen, Carmen Cohen; 11:40, Jay Plourd, Helen Plourd, Brandon Wohl, Kaye Boyle; 11:50, David Stonebraker, Leslie Guenther, Ron Leeman, Debbie Marshall.

12:00, Robert Farthing, Sheri Farthing, Ira McLain, Sally McLain; 12:10, Sean Fogarty, Madolin Fogarty, Steve Gifford, Julie Tupper; 12:20, George Boone, Cynthia Bither, J. David Leonard, Kaye Pierson.

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