Death wins another fall
Former WWF pro wrestler Brian “Crush” Adams died Monday at the age of 44. And still, Vince McMahon gets a free pass while Michael Vick is Public Enemy No. 1 in America.

Stock up on meds while you’re there

Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin was taken to a hospital Monday to get treatment for a viral infection. It seems the Raiders are making everybody in Oakland sick but Al Davis.

Now he’s the victim

Suspended Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones sees himself as an innocent bystander in the Las Vegas strip club fight that led to a triple shooting and left one man paralyzed, and he said in an interview on HBO’s “Real Sports” that he expects to be vindicated. ones told interviewer Bryant Gumbel that he never hit a stripper in the club or threatened to kill anyone. Asked why anyone would lie, Jones said, “I guess I’m the big fish in the little pond.” Someone needs to tell him it beats being a big fish in a little cell.

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