SACO – Maine Hoops is planning its 13th annual Fall AAU Basketball League. Last year the league consisted of close to 80 teams from all over Maine and New Hampshire.

There will be 4 weeks of regular season play, starting Oct. 13. Teams will play 2 games each weekend in the Portland-Saco area. Playoffs are set for the weekend of Nov. 10, with each team guaranteed 9 games. The 5th-6th-grade and 7th-8th-grade divisions will play Saturday. All other divisions will compete Sunday.

The divisions are as follows: Boys-Girls Grades 5-6; Boys-Girls Grades 7-8; Boys 9th-10th; Boys Varsity; Girls Varsity, A and B level.

More information is available by visiting, or call (207), 282-4005.

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