Tiger Woods announced that he will be designing his first golf course. Maybe he can design a course that he can’t master. Seems like no one else has.

Escape clause

Former LSU women’s basketball coach Pokey Chatman will reportedly take the head coaching job with a Russian professional team. After allegedly having improper relations with a player that led to her resignation, this seems like an awful long way to go to get away from it all.

Moody dude

Emmanuel Moody, a second-string tailback at USC last season, has decided to take his show elsewhere. He wants to be a feature back elsewhere. Maybe he should talk to the Patriots’ Matt Cassel, just because you’re not getting time at USC doesn’t mean you won’t make it in the NFL.

Bubba and Coors . . . not a good mix

Rumor has it that the Colorado Rockies are interested in signing David Wells for the remainder of the season. Somehow, this doesn’t work out on either end. First, he’d be pitching at Coors Field. He already stinks. Second, any field associated with a beer is not a good thing.

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