Classic Bowling: Long Island Open, 1978

Noon, ESPN Classic

I’d need a Long Island Iced Tea to watch one of these matches, especially 29 years removed.

Little League World Series: Canada vs. Japan

1 p.m., ESPN

Why is it that foreign countries end up better than us in almost every sport? All the way down to Little League…

CFL Football: Edmonton at Saskatchewan

1 p.m., NESN

Ricky Williams playing for either of these teams?

Bull Riding: PBR in New Orleans

5 p.m., Versus

Was it a good marketing move to use an acronym better known for beer?

MLB: Red Sox at Devil Rays

7 p.m., NESN

How can Eric Gagne screw this one up?

NFL: Bears at Colts

8 p.m., ESPN

Maybe Chicago is better with less Rex Grossman.

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