I’m disgusted with all the negative press concerning “cigarette boats” on Maine’s lakes. I think it’s unfair to paint the picture that the size and speed capabilities of the Sunsation Dominator were the reason the accident occurred.

I believe it would be fair to wait and see what the investigation proves to have happened. If Raye Trott’s boat was sitting in the middle of Long Lake without its lights on, would it have mattered that he was run into by boat traveling 70+ mph, or would the same tragic outcome have happened if his boat was run into by a cabin cruiser going 45 mph?

Accidents happen. This is the unfortunate truth.

I’m disappointed with the Sun Journal’s view (“Kicking the cigarette habit on Maine’s lakes, Aug. 16). Let’s get rid of the fast boats on Maine’s Lakes? Are you crazy? Fast boats are not a problem.

This is like saying we should get rid of all the sports cars off Maine’s roads, because “Life is a little slower here.” Boater safety courses and training is a better idea. Getting rid of high-performance boats would only hurt local economies. People with a lot of money own boats like that.

The cost of maintaining and servicing boats like that are huge. Personally, I don’t go boating, but many of my customers run businesses in the Sebago Lake/Long Lake region, so I am greatly affected by the money spent on these machines.

One of my customers builds boat motors, just like the ones in the boat from the accident. Two motors for a boat like that cost more than I make in a year. Another customer of mine runs a marina with a gasoline pump. Filling the tanks on a speed boat can cost $400 to $500 – and it’s easily capable of burning all of it in an afternoon.

These people in turn come in and buy things in my store.

They probably buy from the businesses that advertise in the newspaper, too.

James Bowden, Oxford

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