NORWAY – The town currently has 16 loans in its housing and small business lending program, financed with community development block grants, according to Town Manager David Holt.

Selectmen voted Thursday to write off the following for the reasons stated in Holt’s written recommendation:

• Mary Spoffard, $36,367 original note, town sold the property.

• Lisa Whitley, $25,000 original note, dormant since Street Car Cafe and Artisan’s Guild closed many years ago.

• Lorin B. Joy, $10,000 original note, deceased.

• Doug Hunton, $10,000 original note, personal property purchased with the loan under a lien by the U.S.

• Mary E. McGlaughlin, $20,000 original note, Colonial went out of business.

• Julie Bowen, $1,000 original note, Tips & Toes out of business.

• Alicia Loper, $5,000 original note, Montessori Pre-School; Loper gone from business.

• Clifford M. Pike, $15,000 original note, Tri-State Lifts bankrupt.

Selectmen voted to transfer the following loans to Community Concepts for oversight.

• Dennis Heath, $14,000 original note.

• Ricky Farrar, $5,500 original note.

• Betty Bailey, $9,000 original note.

• Ken Morse, $5,000 original note.

• Ron Snow, $17,500 original note.

• Donald Lovell, $23,833 original note.

• Donald Cash, $13,878 original note.

• John Allen, $45,000 original note.

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