I am writing about the article “We just wanted to be left alone.” (July 25)

I have been a friend of Kenneth Post for more than 12 years. We worked together in New York City. What happened to him and his wife is disgraceful. He always spoke highly of Maine and its citizens.

One thing is to be worried about the Muslims in the area, but to hate and harass is another. People cannot be treated like that. As far as I am concerned it’s un-American.

Troops in the Middle East are dying to make life better for the Muslims over there that truly desire change. They have suffered at the hands of these radicals for decades and need relief, and truly appreciate the relief. Then as soon as these appreciative Muslims show up here to make their dreams a reality, we ruin their joy.

If this isn’t anti-American, I don’t know what is. Are our troops dying in vain?

Johanna Ortegon, Bartonsville, Penn.

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