WATERFORD – The Maine Department of Environmental Protection has provided $42,509 as part of a grant to the McWain Pond Association.

The money will be used to fix 95 erosion sites found in the pond’s 3.9 square mile watershed this month.

“We will go around and try to fix all the sites that are involved,” said Tony Butterall, president of the association. “Hopefully we’ll be able to do that.”

The sites include runoff from roads, ditches and structures. This runoff can carry soil particles containing phosphorus into the water, fertilizing algae growth that could lead to an algae “bloom.” Blooms inhibit recreational activities such as swimming and boating and drive down shoreline property values.

In addition to the McWain Pond Association, the Lakes Environmental Association, town of Waterford, Camp Waziyatah, Birch Rock Camp, and the Portland Water District will assist with the project.

As part of the grant conditions, these organizations will match the grant with $28,831 in cash or labor.

“Some have already done their labor,” Butterall said.

He said Birch Rock Camp has already solved an erosion problem on its site at no cost. Butterall said landowners on the pond will also pitch in for the match.

Jeff Stern, a watershed specialist, organized the survey of the McWain Pond watershed and wrote up the requests for the grants.

Several solutions are available to prevent runoff, involving the absorption or diversion of water. Crushed stones, catch basins, and planted vegetation may be used to absorb the water, and trenches and rocks may be used to divert it.

According to an association statement, rapid development on a shoreline leads to more erosion.

“There’s been a lot of development over the past few years,” Butterall said.

Butterall said some erosion is being caused by older development, but the association is trying to ensure that new housing follows regulation.

The project is not regulated by the DEP, meaning landowners do not need to install erosion control methods.

The two-year project begins in April.

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