JoAn Karkos’s excellent letter of Aug. 22 targeting the severely morally deficient illustrated children’s book “It’s Perfectly Normal” well illustrates that those who control our libraries (they are our libraries), and write such books, care nothing about children, teenagers or authentic loving relationships.

Be assured, if children are taught about condoms and to think of their teachers as possible sex objects, their learning ability will atrophy. Certainly, some predatorial teachers would be thrilled at the thought and would look for opportunities to encourage this behavior. This book should be renamed “Titillation for Toddlers and Predators, Too.”

That it is titillating for its creators is apparent, as they intolerantly flaunt values contrary to time-tested, and thus wholesome, social mores. One can hear their giggles between the lines.

Actually, their choice of title entraps themselves and their supporters. The book strains to endorse the opinion that it’s perfectly normal for humans of any age to have sexual relations with whomever they please. Their view is completely contrary to that which is the norm, or normal.

What is the basis for this norm, whereby we acknowledge normality, and which pre-exists any and all religions or ethical systems? It is that mysterious intellectual guide, or conscience, within us all, which senses goodness and its opposite. From this inherent capability which desires, with the aid of reason, that we choose rightly and not selfishly, the natural moral law flows and the Decalogue fortifies.

Flout it and misery follows.

John Lyons, Lisbon Falls

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