After reading an article in the Sun Journal (Aug. 24) about Lewiston’s storm-water tax, I have to add my two cents’ worth – or, rather, my $20.

I thank City Administrator James Bennett for giving taxpayers the most stupid thing on this planet – a storm-water tax. The next thing he might want to try to get passed is a fresh-air tax.

I would also like to have Bennett explain to the taxpayers what it cost to get the All-America City award. Does about $50,000 sound about right? I notice that he has authorized new shirts for the city employees with the All-America City logo on them. If city employees are getting a shirt, I and other taxpayers paid for, where are our shirts?

And if that award is such a big deal, perhaps he can tell taxpayers how that will reduce taxes.

Now Bennett and elected officials say that times are tough and they need to get more for the buck. Is that just talk? It must be, seeing as how there is always extra money to fund just about anything that comes up. That money has to come from somewhere. Oh, yes, the rainy day fund.

Bennet needs to just make an amendment so that whenever the city runs short of funds, he can stick it on the taxpayers’ backs again.

I’m sure the next tax he comes up with will be just as stupid as the storm-water tax.

Robert Hack, Greene

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