LITCHFIELD – Tuesday Points League, final results: A Flight: Andy Parker, 21; Dick Gower, 19; Tony Cyr, 14. B Flight: Jake Webb, 36; Dennis Bailey, 16; John Desmarais, Gerry Lajoie, 12. C Flight: Dennis Carney, 34; Fred Wingate, 27; Ron Pinard, 15. D Flight: Marc Berube, 34; Rob Merrill, 24; Bill Langbein, 11. The season ended with a 9-hole scramble on August 28 with the following results: 1. Kevin Fletcher, Dan Pelletier, Ron Pinard, Marc Berube, 30; 2. Dennis Bailey, Fred Wingate, Bill McNally, 31; 3. Tony Cyr, Gerry Lajoie, Bob Desbiens, Bill Langbein, 33. Closest to the pin #3, Dan Pelletier, 9’1″; #7, Dennis Carney, 15’6″.

Tuesday Match Play, final standings: Team 7, Anthony Bittues, Mike Downs, Bill Baker, Steve Brenda; 2. Team 2, Minter Molello, Rick Leeman, Walt Longley, Guy Jasmin; 3. Team 1, Bob Field, Craig Aronson, Lou Longtin, Dennis Walker; 4. Team 4, Pete Dionne, Jason Longley, Mike McKenzie, Don Hyde; 5. Team 6, Jeff Freeman, Cody Anderson, George Greeley, Pete Dubay; 6. Team Five, Brian Callahan, Greg Chapman, Art Tomer, Dennis Tatlock; 7. Team 3, Brian Richardson, Hubert Nadeau, Dave Tourtelotte, Dave Cutter. Playoffs continue for the next 3 weeks.

Monday Night League, final regular season standings: A Flight: 1. Don Garrison; 2. Phil Hart; 3. Ken Lizotte; 4. Dick Blanchette. B Flight: 1. Richard Douglass; 2. Lou Murphy; 3. Lee Biron; 4. Larry Carter. C Flight: 1. Ron Small; 2. Kai Johnson; 3. Don Blanchette; 4. Frank Rolfe. Match play playoffs will wrap up this week.

MWGA tourney

BATH – Following are results from the Southern Maine Women’s Golf Association tourney held Sept. 4 at Bath CC:

A-1 Division: gross, Rosemary Lyons, 79; Kaye Pierson, 80; Mary Brandes, 81; net, Martha Soule, 80-69; Cindy Choate, 81-73; June Gyger, 85-73. A-2 Division: gross, Meriby Sweet, 83; Joy Eon, 85; Gina Ripley, 86; net, Ann Deming, 84-69; Wendy Wood, 87-71; Terri Messer, 90-72. A-3 Division: gross, Jarine Lombardo, 84; Earlene Jackson, 90; Susan Hennessey, 91; Pat Sperzel, 93; net, Wendy Bean and Lois Litz, 89-70; Carol Grundstrom, 92-72; Liz Monaghan, 94-74. Pins: #9, Martha Hermance, 6’10.5″; #13, Lisa Wintle, 4’1″; #16, Jean Farrell, 5’9″.

WMSGA tourney

NORTHPORT – Following are results from the Women’s Maine State Golf Association tourney held Sept. 4 at Northport GC:

Flight 1: gross, Terry Hamm-Morris, 86; Viola Kemp, 88; net, Brenda Berry, 73; Bobbie Andrus, Madolin Fogarty, 74. Flight 2: gross, Donni Witham, 91; Arlene Davis, 99; net, Bobbi Berry, 71; Jeanne Fifield, 76. Flight 3: gross, Susan Wootton, 104; Terri Kangas, 109; net, Karen Dunbar, 75; Janice Morong, 78.

Prospect Hill

AUBURN – Pat’s Pizza League, August 30: Noodles over Titleists, 47-33; Max Flies over Ultras, 46-34; Nikes played against the scorecard and won, 48-32. Final standings: Titleists, 547; Nikes, 525; Ultras, 522; Noodles, 485; Max Flies, 464; Scorecard, 437. Low net, Jim St. Pierre, 26.5; closest to the pin #4, second shot, Bill Nolan, 10’9″; 50-50, Roland Levesque; certificate winner, Bill Nolan. Schedule for Sept. 6: Noodles vs Ultras, Max Flies vs Nikes, Titleists vs Scorecard, back 9.

Turner Highlands

TURNER – Men’s League playoff winners, second round, Sept. 4: Flight 1: Chiasson-Iannotti, P. Cutter-D. Cutter, Fitzgerald-Doyle, Goodwin-Haggerty. Flight 2: Fortier-Camic, St. Jean-Nelson, Gondeck-Stretton, Kennelly-Skibitsky.

Norway CC

NORWAY – Ladies Day, net score: gross, Lee Barth, 41; net, Sharon Hatch, Pat Frye, 29.

Stuart Goodwin Tourney, best ball, net: Mike-Kyle Phillips, 56; Tony Criscitelli-Audrey Raymond, 60; Larry-Nancy Farmer, 62.

Upcoming events: Sept. 7, White Mountain Seniors; Sept. 8-9, Oxford Hills Chamber of Commerce tourney.

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